Wake Up With 5280 Coffee Co

High Quality, No Impact

Our Sustainability Impact

Coffee anytime, anywhere.

Your coffee comes along with you wherever you go.

To work, on your camping trip, to the gym, and during all of your adventures.

Our coffee bags are 100% compostable, so it's safe for the planet and for you. 


"First off, you cannot go wrong with how the coffee tastes. It’s high caliber. I’m no fan of making a whole pot of coffee when I’m looking for a cup, so it’s a breath of fresh air to have eco-friendly individual packs ready to go whenever I could use some caffeine."

Brian B.

"The best part is that I can make mine individually because my husband looooves strong coffee and I like it weak! So we can customize it ourselves."

Jessica T.

My favorite way to enjoy it currently (with this crazy heatwave!) is to use a large mason jar, pour 8 oz of super hot water in and let it steep/cool, then toss it into the fridge.  In the am, I remove my coffee bag for composting, add ice, additional water and a splash of cream.  It is SOOOOO yummy! 

Dannell W.

The best part is that it's planet safe and locally-owned. If you have not tried this jump on it you will be missing out if you don't.

Carlyn N.

We create sustainable rituals.

We started 5280 Coffee Co. to create a sustainable ritual that allows you to do more of what you love.

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