How to Live More Sustainably

How to Live More Sustainably 

Are you a coffee loving fitness freak who cares about the environment? Are you looking to change your lifestyle to a more sustainable one in order to protect the environment? You have come to the right place. I will tell you what you can do to save the world.

It is a known fact how us humans have caused severe environmental destruction. The damage is getting worse and worse every day. It is high time we switch to a more sustainable lifestyle, and for that to happen, we have to make some easy lifestyle switches. 


Invest In Sustainable Coffee

Never heard of the phrase ‘sustainable coffee’? It is a thing! It's coffee that is cultivated in such a manner that protects nature and provides people who cultivate and process the coffee with better livelihoods. 

So, forget about the coffee which is harming the environment and invest in sustainable coffee.

Sustainability From Grass Root Level

You must be thinking, ‘Can we even grow coffee in ways that do not abuse nature?

Yes, of course! Coffee is only cultivated in the tropics. If farmers want to extend coffee plantations, they chop down trees. That is not good for the environment. 

Furthermore, trees are planted on steep slopes; If farmers are not cautious, this may lead to the degradation of rivers and waterways. Altogether, the process of growing coffee can become very unsustainable.  

120 million farmers rely on coffee for their living. The majority are small scale. Buyers want a profit, so workers are often exploited to keep the cost artificially low. If they want to make a profit, farmers have to clear more trees. 

If things do not change soon, there is going to be a sharper price to pay (pun intended). 

How Are Prices Going To Be Affected?

Coffee is already the most famous export in tropics. Demand for it is constantly increasing in places like China and India. More demand means more production, which means more deforestation. Oh no!

In case if you are wondering, yes. Lots of companies, organizations and government are doing their part. They have come up with an initiative called ‘Sustainable Coffee Challenge’. With this, they hope to make coffee the first truly grown agricultural commodity by bringing everyone together in the coffee sector. 

Now it’s your turn to do something. Go for sustainable specialty coffee!


Say No To Plastic!

Nothing plastic is ever good. Be it plastic surgery or plastic bags. The latter is especially horrible for the environment. It takes some 10 or 20 years for the plastic to fully decompose. 20 years can cause a lot of destruction. You can easily get rid of this inconvenience. 

How? Let’s see!

  • Plastic bags

When you are buying something at a shop, let’s say, your favourite specialty coffee, and you see they give your goods in a plastic bag. It’s our duty to do our part and ask them to switch to canvas bags. It may be more expensive but it is more reusable and eco-friendly.

  • Plastic Bottles

You should defer from using plastic bottles as well. They contain chemicals such as Bisphenol A, which has been linked to infertility, heart disease, diabetes etc. None of those sound pleasant. Switch to stainless steel bottles instead.

  • Plastic Cutlery

When you are using cutlery for sugar or cream in your coffee, kindly refrain from using plastic cutleries. They contain toxic chemicals that are harmful to you and your children. Swap for something more durable; Plant-based cutleries are proving to be a big hit nowadays. And it is eco-friendly too!

  • Plastic Cups

Getting rid of plastic coffee cups can be one of the easiest switches you can make. 366 disposable cups are used every minute and that creates a huge amount of waste. Carry a mug or a tumbler with you when you are visiting your favourite shop and ask them to pour the beverage in them instead. 

  • Plastic Coffee Pods

We all love a freshly brewed cup of coffee in the morning. Do you even realize how bad plastic coffee pods are for the environment? Once the beverage is consumed, pods are of no use and are dispensed with. They end up in oceans, endangering wildlife. 

Switch to individually packed, single served specialty coffee instead!

Improve Your Transportation Habits 

Most of us are very lazy nowadays. We do not feel like walking anywhere and we can’t resist using our cars even if we are going somewhere nearby. This is detrimental for our bodies as well as the environment. 

A quarter of the world’s CO2 production is from vehicles. Yikes! Feeling guilty? Here’s what you can do:

  • Get a bicycle! It is environmentally sustainable and good for your legs as well. Get some exercise in! Do you not want to be told how good your legs look? Is that just me?

  • If you are an owner of a company, encourage your workers to work from home at least two days a week. This will drastically reduce carbon emissions. 

  • If you don’t want an attractive pair of legs, a good body and you simply must use cars, then at least switch to electric cars for the sake of Mother Earth! See how she rewards you. 

  • Still insisting to use normal cars? So be it. But, when you are in traffic, and the car is not going anywhere. Turn off the engine for a minute or two to avoid burning more fuel. That is very doable. 

And with driving comes drive-throughs. This brings on a whole lot of guilty pleasures along. Big coffee franchises contribute to global warming with their use of huge amounts of plastic and machines that emit a lot of greenhouse gases.

So save yourself a few bucks every morning and do it right this time. 

Are you familiar with single serve coffee? They are available in sachets, thus sustainable. You just have to mix it in water. Craving for some good coffee now? You no longer have to go outside for that. Order coffee online (I’ve been told 5280 Coffee Co is a great place) and get it delivered right to your doorstep!

Not only do you get your craving for some freshly brewed, single serve, good coffee met, you are doing something great for Earth as well by not creating vehicle pollution! Truly the Best of both worlds. 

Shop Sustainably! 

Ah, shopping. Your most favorite time pass activity. Has the thought shopping is tied to the environment cross your mind? We often shop more than we need to. You may not immediately see why this pollutes the world. We don’t always use everything we buy, and that creates wastage. 

Here are some tips to shop sustainably.

  • Buy less. By curtailing your spending, you can make your life at home a lot more sustainable.

  • Before you buy something, ask yourself if the product is an absolute must. If it is not, refrain yourself from buying it. If you are buying clothes, find out what fabric it is made of. Go for eco-friendly threads like linen and organic cotton.

  • If you are buying online, make sure they have an eco-friendly delivery process such as recycled packaging and multi-drop services.

  • Do not buy food more than you need. That leads to food wastage and ends up in the bin. Out of some good coffee, and planning to buy? Don’t invest in those plastic coffee bottles. They are not sustainable. Go for single serve coffee sachets instead. Order coffee online. 

    • Always try to shop local. That way you know where your products are sourced from. This will also strengthen the community and create more jobs in your area. Moreover, it will create a friendly environment for blooming businesses as well. 

    Sustainable Sanitary Products

    Sustainable ‘period’ has become a mainstream topic only recently. On average, you will have about 500 periods in your lifetime. With all the pads, tampons etc you use, that creates a huge wastage. 

    Due to the magic of modern times, now you can have a happier, more sustainable period – both for your body and planet. How?

    • Go for organic. When you are buying pads or tampons, always go for organic ones. They are less harmful for your body as they do not contain pesticides.

    • You have heard about reusable coffee cups. How about reusable tampon applicators? For people who do not want to use non-applicator tampons, these are a godsend. Wash them and reuse again! 

    • Get some period pants. No, no, I am not talking about the big pair you are currently hiding at the back of your closet.  I am talking about period-proof underwear. They can hold up to two tampons. Furthermore, they are even washable and reusable! 

    • Buy moon cups. It is a soft cup made of silicon that collects menstrual blood for at least 8 hours. This is good to go for years and you won’t need to buy something like 20 sanitary products per period.

    • How about supporting those who are less fortunate? Donate some sanitary products to girls and women who can’t afford to spend money on them. Or look for some charity organizations who support these people. 


    Some free health and fitness tips.

    Your health and fitness is of utmost importance. You have to make sure you are doing everything you can to stay fit and healthy throughout your life. In order for that to happen, you need to have a sustainable diet. 

    Here are some useful tips! 

    • Consume more plants than meat. For a meat lover, an average of 3.3 tons of CO emission takes place per person. Plants are also beneficial for your body.

    • A vegetarian diet is more sustainable than meat and animal products. It also causes fewer adverse environmental effects. 

    • Make sure you consume a lot of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts and legumes. Try to eat less or no red meat, processed foods, extra sugar, and cultured grains.

    • A sustainable diet considers the effect it would have on the climate, the consumer and the entire food chain.

    • Develop the habit of eating mindfully. Concentrating on what you eat allows you to ponder where the food comes from and how beneficial it is for your body. 

    • Fish can be great choice for a healthy diet. Go to the market and select the seafood that appeals to you. 

    • Keep an eye on the calorie intake. Do not exceed your recommended calories per day. That may lead to obesity along with a whole host of health problems over time. 

    • Practice the art of drinking coffee sustainably. 

    The Art Of Drinking Coffee Sustainably

    Previously, I have mentioned what sustainable coffee is. Now I am going to tell you how you can make sustainable coffee while you are sitting right at home. It is estimated that an astounding amount of 50 billion cups are thrown away each year. 

    Can you imagine what that does to our planet? Here is how to mitigate the disaster. 

    • There is no need to buy ‘’power hungry’’ machines to make a proper cup of coffee. They consume too much power. Go for single serve coffee sachets.

    • Most coffee pods are not environmentally friendly. Experts are divided on this matter. Go for the ones that are completely biodegradable. Use a system that produces zero waste. 

    • Buy your coffee from the right people. Not all coffee roasters view the craft with the same respect. Some do not care about the environmental footprint. Go for the ones who do. 

    • Brew your coffee manually. If you go to the supermarket, you will come across coffee makers who don’t cost a lot and the quality is not very good. Buy manual coffee makers which are built to last and make your own specialty coffee at home!

    • Be a campaigner for a change. When ordering your favourite beverage at a café, ask them where it comes from and what they are doing in order to support sustainability. If they fail to come up with an answer, leave the shop. 

    • Be a conscientious customer. Don’t go for cold brew ones all the time because it takes twice the amount of beans as hot coffee. If everyone wanted it, the coffee production has to be doubled. Don’t heat more water than necessary. 

    In conclusion, living a sustainable life is very important. You have to make sure you are doing your part for your beloved planet. Always be mindful of the carbon footprint and of course, your health and fitness levels. Do not compromise it any cost. Don’t take the planet for granted. You don’t have to take your coffee drinking for granted either. 

    Order coffee online from 5280 Coffee Co today!