Making Coffee without Fancy Machinery - 5 Simple Hacks

5 Simple Hacks of Making Coffee without Fancy Machinery

As a coffee fanatic and an environmentalist, what is your biggest dilemma? The most common answer would be making a hot cup of specialty coffee using those fancy machinery that are not good for the planet. 

If you feel the same way, then today is your lucky day. We are here to solve your dilemma once and for all.

Coffee is an essential commodity. For a lot of us, mornings don’t start until we’ve had a cup of good coffee. But if you are under the impression that a good cup of coffee needs expensive machinery, then you’re sadly mistaken.

So ditch those fancy espresso machines and save yourself a few thousand dollars. There are other ways to enjoy a good cup of coffee without weighing down your guilt meter.   

Don’t know how to make a delicious cup without using coffee pods? No worries! We’re here to guide you through it one step at a time. 


Using coffee bags

Fancy machinery like plastic coffee pods are simply not sustainable. They damage our health as well as our planet. Sure, it is convenient, but choosing convenience over what is right can be extremely dangerous. Pods create wastage. Mother Earth chokes on that wastage. This is the only planet that is habitable… for now. Don’t take it for granted. 

Did you know you could use coffee bags to brew a cup of coffee that is going to make you drool? Here are a few tips to make your very own specialty coffee in your kitchen without using those destructive pods

The first step is to get some coffee bags. You can order coffee bags online and get it delivered to your house or your office, or get them from your nearest grocery store. They might be a bit pricey but you will definitely save more money since machines are more expensive. 

Got the coffee bags? Great! Now here is what you have to do:

  1. Fill your favorite coffee mug with hot water, rip open the bag, and pour in the contents.
  2. Leave the cup for at least 15 seconds, and then stir. 
  3. Next, let it brew. 

(We would recommend a time between 3 to 5 minutes. Be patient. We know you are craving for that coffee but we promise you it will be worth it if you give it time).

  1. Add milk, sugar, cream, or anything else you desire, and give it another stir.
  2. Take out the used coffee bag and throw it in the bin.
  3. Enjoy! 

You don’t want to leave the house without the super tasty coffee? Just pour it in any vessel and take it with you wherever you; be it work or on a holiday, camping, etc. You don’t need a high-end coffee machine anymore. Save your money. 

Worried about the eco credentials? If you get your sachets from 5280 Coffee Co, they are super sustainable and environmentally friendly. Those bags can be disposed of easily and won’t contribute to polluting the planet. 

Make a cup of single serve specialty coffee today!


Doing it the old fashioned way 

Are you an old fashioned person like me? We are a rare breed in a generation like this. You don’t just have to be old fashioned when it comes to your love life. You can make a habit of making coffee the old-fashioned way, as well! Didn’t know it was possible? Let us enlighten you, then.

People have been drinking coffee for generations. How do you think they used to make it when fancy machines weren’t available? That’s right: the old school way. It will be a nice change of pace from the usually brewed coffee. 

Here are the ingredients you are going to need to make a delightful cup of your go-to beverage:

  • 1/5 tbsp. of salt to lessen the bitterness
  • 5 tbsp. of indelicately grounded coffee
  • 2 and a half cups of water
  • A pan 
  • 2 coffee mugs

Now that you know about the ingredient, time to make the most perfect cup of coffee.

The first step would be to mix your coffee beans with water in a frying pan. Stir the mixture in and let boil it over a high temperature. The next step would be to remove the content from the stove and let it sit for 8 minutes to allow the grounds to settle.

Time for the final step - cautiously pour the hot liquid from the pan into your coffee mugs. Be sure to keep the coffee grounds in the pan. You can use a strainer for added measure but don’t burn yourself in the process! 

You can even use a filter to make it easier and voila! There you go. Your very own specialty coffee. This is how coffee was consumed several generations ago and come to think of it, that wasn’t soo hard after all.

Not only are you saving your favorite planet from destruction by making the beverage in a super eco-friendly way, but you are also making your ancestors proud by making coffee like this. 


Using a French press

Ah, the French. How classy are they? From parachutes to the stethoscope to aspirin, they have revolutionized the world forever. Another neat invention is the French Press. A French Press is a cylindrical pot that has a plunger and built-in filter screen that presses hot water through ground coffee. That’s the simple magnificence of this machine.  

It is a go-to method for many coffee connoisseurs around the world. The French Press creates a worldly taste in your daily dose of coffee. What is the secret? It’s all in the grind starting from coarse or even. Looking for instructions on how to make the best cup of your beloved beverage with the Press? Here it is:

  • Put the pot on a dry, smooth surface. Hold the handle the right way and pull on the plunger.
  • Add at least 6-7 grams of coffee to the pot per 150 ml of water. 
  • Gently stir after pouring hot (not boiling) water in the pot. 
  • Warily reattach the plunger into the French Press. Be sure to stop when the level reaches just above the water and ground coffee and let it be like that for 2-3 minutes.
  • Press on the plunger slowly and carefully, applying steady pressure.
  • After it’s done, enjoy the best coffee you’ve tasted in a while
  • Make sure you thoroughly clean the pot with mild detergent every time you use it. Let it scrupulously dry.

After reading this section, we convinced you to buy a French Press, didn’t I? Don’t worry, it’s the right choice. Here’s what you should look for when buying it.  

Glass French Presses: They look absolutely gorgeous because you can literally watch the coffee brew when you plunge. Make sure the glass French Press has a robust base. 

Handle design: The handle should be durable, resistant to heat, and not easily breakable. Keep an eye on the plunger as well. Make sure it has a few metal screens so that grounds are kept out of reach of your coffee. 

Size: Think about how many cups of Joe you have per day. The Press comes in various capacities. It’s best if you look for the ones who can handle one liter or more. 

Worried about the price? There is no need to be. They are much more affordable than those fancy coffee brewing machines. Bodum Chambord is going places in the French Press industry. The starting price is just $29.99 depending on the oz you want to buy. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get your desired French Press today and serve a delightful cup of specialty coffee to your friends and family!


Using a make-shift coffee filter

You are familiar with coffee filters, right? They are a coffee brewing utensil made of disposable paper. What they do is trap the coffee grounds and permit the liquid to seep through. 

As useful as they may be, they can be environmentally challenging. As the papers are thrown away after use, this creates a wastage. Furthermore, they get bleached with chlorine and oxygen.

You should always be conscious when it comes to the environment. Things are bad enough as it is. Do not contribute to the destruction. You can easily create makeshift coffee filters that are environmentally friendly. 

Have a cheesecloth at home? Great! You can use that to make filter coffee. All you need to do is fold it over a couple of times, cut it so that it matches your filter basket and let the beverage seep through. That’s it.

You can also use socks. Yes, socks. But they are smelly! Well, you don’t have to use the smelly ones. Believe it or not, using nice, clean socks is one of the most ancient and most used ways to filter coffee. Just put your coffee grounds in the sock and hold it over a pot. Slowly pour the hot water through it and you are done. This is super ecofriendly. 

One of the most creative and unique ways to make a coffee filter at home is by using reusable tea bags. Put your ground coffee in those tea bags then dip it in a mug containing hot water. Let it steep for however long you want and you are good to go. 


Pre-Packaged Single Serve Coffee

This brings us to the last and most effective life hack to make a great cup of hot, steamy sustainable coffee without needing fancy machinery. Who says your coffee drinking habit has to be expensive? 

Make your very own specialty coffee right at home. What you need to do is order pre-packaged single-serve coffee online and get it delivered right at your doorstep. How is that for convenience? 5280 Coffee Co is the hottest place right now to get your pre-packaged specialty coffee

5280 Coffee Co makes specialty coffee with certified combustible packaging so that you don’t have to pick between quality, convenience and Mother Earth yourself. Each coffee sachet is nitro sealed for freshness and can be prepared in less than 5 minutes.

It is so easy to make that even a 6-year-old could do it… but don’t ask your children to make coffee for you just yet! 

You will get your delicious coffee in just 3 steps:

Step 1 – Heat up your water
Step 2 – Put the coffee bag in the hot water
Step 3 – Well, that’s kind of it… Enjoy the deliciousness! It even smells wonderful. 

Want a cold brew? Sure! Grab a coffee sachet, dip it on a cup of water and let it seep overnight. Voila! A pleasant cup of cold brew is ready to be served.


Ready To Get Fancy The Easy Way?

So, there you go. All these times you were wondering you needed a heavy machine to make the best cup of coffee, eh? Did we prove you wrong or what? Now you can save your hard-earned cash and buy something sustainable instead.

This planet has given you so much, it’s time for you to give something back. Coffee making machines consist of plastic. No plastic is good. It’s not good for you, it’s not good for the environment.  They are not sustainable either. 

Sure, buying coffee bags can be just a bit more expensive but you will be saving money in the long run. This planet will thank you if you use eco-friendly coffee filters. Make your ancestors proud and get a taste of the old generation by making coffee the old fashioned way. Go for French Press! They are unbelievably useful and costs half as those heavy coffee making machines

Last but not the least, go for prepackaged single serve specialty coffee and your life will change forever. These 5 simple life hacks will not just enrich your coffee, but it can enrich your world too. 

And if you want to order coffee online, 5280 Coffee Co is the way to go!