How much caffeine is in a single serving?
There is approximately 95 mg of caffeine in a single coffee bag.

Are the single servings meant to be reused for more than one cup?
They can be! You can brew two cups of coffee with one coffee pack, however, the flavor and strength of the coffee will be diluted the more you use the coffee pack.

Would they translate to cold brew also?
Yes! You can get two cups of cold brew out of one coffee pack depending on how strong you like your coffee. Let the coffee sit overnight in cold water and you will have cold brew the next morning. It’s delicious!

What other roasts does 5280 come in?
Right now, we offer a medium roast. But there is more to come so stay tuned...

Where is this sourced from?
5280 Coffee Co's Medium roast is from Colombia.

Do you sell gift cards?

Yes! You can buy gift cards here.