5280 Coffee Co. Medium Blend

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Unlike traditional bitter black coffee, the Medium Blend is sweet and delicious. Ethically sourced from Colombia and full of chocolate tasting notes, this makes for the perfect morning cup of bliss. Balanced and friendly, you can enjoy this cup of coffee hot or iced - there are no rules when it comes to coffee. However you enjoy your coffee, this is the captivating cup of magic that gets you ready to crush the day.

  • Single-serve steeped packs for no wasted coffee

  • Compostable steeped bags and recyclable packaging

  • Shipped directly to your door

For Best Results:
*10oz coffee mug is recommended
Heat | Heat up your water to 195-205 degrees Fahrenheit
Pour | Pour hot water over steeped bag
Activate | Activate the coffee by inserting and then removing the steeped bag 5 times before leaving it in the cup to steep
Steep | Allow the coffee to steep for at least 5 minutes or longer if you prefer a fuller flavor

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    Awesome convenient coffee
    Great taste, convenience, and owned by woman!